Canceling Sub Requests

Open sub requests can be canceled by the requesting instructor or a studio owner / manager.

Requesting instructors can cancel an open sub request they have submitted by tapping on the 'sub needed' class in their schedule and then tapping on the 'Cancel Sub Req' button.

Owners and managers can cancel an open sub request by opening the class detail from the schedule, tapping on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the class detail screen, and selecting 'Cancel Sub Request'.

Note: When you manually update a class instructor in MINDBODY for a class that has an open sub request, Instrukt will automatically cancel the sub request. Notifications about the cancellation will be sent to the requesting instructor and studio management. Instrukt will sync with MINDBODY within a few minutes and show the new instructor as the class teacher. After a manual change, the sub status displayed for the class will be dependent on the type of instructor change you made in MINDBODY. 

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