Preferred Subs

When requesting a sub for a class you have the option to select 'Preferred Subs'

Preferred subs receive notifications about new sub requests 1 day before other approved subs.*

Some times you might consider using preferred subs:

  • There are specific instructors you and/or studio management would prefer to sub the class 
  • You have pre-arranged for another instructor to sub for you 
  • Any other reason you want specific instructors to receive notification about a sub opportunity before others.

To select preferred subs when making a sub request:

  1. Tap on the 'add' button under the Preferred Subs text
  2. Tap on the preferred subs to select them (a checkmark will appear next to their name)
  3. Tap 'Done'

Only instructors pre-approved by studio management to sub the class and who are not teaching another class at the same time will be shown in the preferred subs selection list.

You will be returned to the main sub request page to complete the sub request. The instructors selected as preferred subs will be shown under the 'Preferred Subs' text.

When ready, submit your sub request.

If none of the preferred subs accept the request within the 24 hour period, the sub request will be automatically sent to the rest of the instructors who have been pre-approved to sub the class.

When the preferred subs period has expired and the request has been sent to the rest of the approved instructors, the 'Preferred Subs' text will change to 'Available Subs' when displaying available subs on the sub request detail screen. 

*if the class you are requesting a sub for starts within 36 hours of the time the request is submitted, preferred subs will have only 4 hours to accept before the opportunity is forwarded to other approved subs.

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