Adding and Updating Instructors

Adding New Instructors to your Studio

Add new instructors in MINDBODY the same way you always have. After adding the new instructor(s) in MINDBODY their instructor profile(s) will be imported into Instrukt. Typically this only takes a few minutes. 

New instructor profiles can be found on the 'Inactive' tab in your 'Instructors' list in the settings menu.

Invite the new instructor to your Instrukt team and complete their setup. After you have completed their setup and the instructor has accepted their invite, they will be moved to the 'Active' list and are ready to go. 

Tip: If an Instructor has accepted their invite but remains on the 'Inactive' list, check to make sure at least one Class Type and at least one Location have been set for the Instructor . Edit the Instructor's profile (using the steps below) to set their class types and locations. An Instructor without regularly scheduled classes (sub only) will see a blank schedule unless they are scheduled to sub an upcoming class or there are open sub requests that the instructor is eligible to teach.  

Updating Instructors

To update the class types or studio locations where an instructor can sub:
From the 'Instructors' list in your settings menu:
  1. Tap on the name of the instructor you wish to edit
  2. Tap on ‘edit’ in the top right corner of your screen
  3. Select 'Class Types' or 'Locations' on the selector bar 
  4. Check or Uncheck class types or locations as needed
  5. Tap on done and then the back arrow 
When an instructor’s sub eligibility is updated at a time after their initial instructor set up, they will not receive notifications or see sub requests that were submitted prior to updating their settings. They will receive all new sub requests that are sent out and meet their updated eligibility settings

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