Instructor Set Up

Before your instructors can use Instrukt, they must be:

  1. Invited to your Instrukt team
  2. Have class types assigned to them do define which class formats you approve them to sub
  3. Have studio locations set to define the locations where they are approved to sub
Inviting your instructors creates a link between their staff profile in your MINDBODY account and their Instrukt user account. Instructors who already use Instrukt at another studio do not need to create a new Instrukt account. They can accept an invite to your Instrukt team using the Instrukt account they already have. 
Tip: If an Instructor has accepted their invite but remains on the 'Inactive' list, check to make sure at least one Class Type and Location have been set for the Instructor. Edit the Instructor's profile to set their class types and locations. An Instructor without regularly scheduled classes (sub only) will see a blank schedule unless they are scheduled to sub an upcoming class or there are open sub requests that the instructor is eligible to teach.

To set up your Instructors:

  1. From the settings menu, tap on ‘Instructors’
  2. Select 'Inactive' from the top selector bar and tap on an instructor's name to open their profile screen. 

  3. Tap on an instructor's name to open their profile screen. 
  4. The email address you have in MINDBODY for the instructor is populated in the email field at the bottom of the screen. If the email address is correct, tap ‘SEND INVITE’.
  5. If the instructor's email address needs to be updated, you can tap on it to edit.
  6. After the invite is sent, select the class types the instructor is approved to sub
  7. Tap on ‘locations’ in the selector bar at the top of the list and select the locations where you approve the instructor to sub.
  8. Tap on ‘Done’
  9. In the instructor’s profile view, verify that the correct class types and locations are shown for the instructor, then tap on the back arrow to return to the Instructors list.
  10. If you are an owner/manager who also teaches classes, send yourself an invite (this will create a link between your MINDBODY staff profile and your Instrukt account) and set class types using the same process. This will create a link between your MINDBODY instructor profile and your Instrukt account.

When you send an invite to your instructors, they will receive an email that includes a link to download Instrukt and a button to accept the invite. The invite must be accepted when viewing the email on the instructors' mobile device with Instrukt installed. When your instructors accept their invite, and class types and locations have been set for the instructor, they will be ‘Active’ and their setup is complete. When an instructor accepts their invite, you will receive a notification in Instrukt.

If you are subscribed to a plan with an instructor limit, your instructor count is based on the number of instructors you have invited to your Instrukt team. Instructors who have been invited but have not accepted their invite will remain on the 'Inactive' tab with a '?' next to their name. Pending invites can be canceled on the instructor's setup screen. 

The profile page for an instructor who has been set up correctly will look like this:

When new instructors are added to your staff you can set them up using the same steps.

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