Setting up a new studio account

The new studio setup works best when completed in a computer web browser due to the MINDBODY API integration step.

To proceed with Instrukt studio account creation, you must have sufficient MINDBODY account permissions to complete MINDBODY API integrations. To verify, in a separate browser tab, log in to your MINDBODY account and click on “Home -> Manager Tools -> API Integrations". If you have access to this page you have the ability to complete API integrations. Please contact us if you are trying to set up an account but do not have access to your studio's API integrations page in MINDBODY

1. Create your Instrukt account

For security purposes, only one Instrukt Studio Owner account can be created for each MINDBODY site ID using these steps. Additional owner and manager accounts can be added later.
  1. Click here to create a studio owner account. 
  2. Enter your information and click on “Create Your Account”
  3. Select the Subscription Plan that fits the needs of your studio
  4. Enter your Credit Card information and click on 'Save Card Information' 
Your credit card will not be billed until the end of your trial period. If you cancel your subscription before the end of your trial, you will not be billed. 

2. Integrate with your MINDBODY account

  1. Enter your studio name as you would like it to appear in Instrukt (this does not need to match your studio name in MINDBODY)
  2. Enter your MINDBODY siteID
  3. Click on ‘Get Activation Code’

On the next screen:

  1. Click on ‘Connect’
    1. Your MINDBODY account will open in another browser tab and the API integration should complete automatically
    2. A green checkmark in the API activation window indicates that the activation was successful
  2. Verify that you see see 'Oscar App Labs' in the list of 'Who has access to your API'

If the API integration does not complete successfully:

  1. Below the ‘Connect’ button on the Instrukt setup tab, there is an activation code.
  2. Copy the activation code then return to your MINDBODY tab and paste it into the Activation code field at Manager Tools -> API Integrations in MINDBODY.
    1. If you see an error when submitting the activation code to MINDBODY, you may have entered an incorrect site ID for your studio.
  3. Return to the Instrukt setup tab and click on ‘Edit your studio’ to re-enter your site ID and generate a new activation code.

3. Sync Your Studio Data

After you have verified that the API integration has completed successfully:
  1. Return to the browser tab where you are creating your Instrukt account and click on ‘Sync’

Your studio data including your class schedule, locations, and instructor profiles will be imported into Instrukt.

4. Begin your Instrukt subscription

  1. The next page will show you a summary of your plan details
  2. Click on 'Start Plan' to begin your Instrukt trial 

After starting your plan you will be automatically directed to an overview of the quick setup process and a summary of Instrukt features. Additional details will be sent to you via email.

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