Adding a New Studio Location

Congratulations on your new studio location!
When you add a new location under an existing MINDBODY site ID (Multi-location or data share), the new location and classes will be automatically imported into Instrukt. 
New locations will import only when they have:
  • A physical address listed in MINDBODY
  • Classes scheduled in MINDBODY at the new location
Instrukt uses location information provided by MINDBODY to determine your studio's timezone which is required to correctly import your class information. 

If you are adding a second location to your studio and are currently subscribed to the basic plan, you will need to upgrade your subscription to support multiple locations. Log in here to upgrade your account. 

Your future Instrukt invoices will be updated to reflect the additional location.

Studio Managers

If you have new managers at the new location, contact us to help you get them set up with manager access in Instrukt.
Current owners and managers can update their visible studio locations to see classes and sub requests at the new location. To update Visible Studio Locations, in the Owner/Manager's app on their phone:
  1. Open the settings menu
  2. Tap on 'Visible Studio Locations'
  3. Tap on the new location to select it (a checkmark will appear)
  4. Tap on the back arrow to exit the menu

Studio Setup Updates

Existing instructors who will be subbing at the new location will need their profile updated to approve them to sub at the new location. Read about updating your instructors' location settings.
If you are offering new classes or class formats at your new location, you may also need to update your studio class types and set up the new classes

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